The dead are among us - Chapter 13 - Reunited

Josh is walking on the streets of Kidderminster at a fast pace, with his destination of travel unknown. He has his right hand clenched around his bloody woodcutters axe that is dripping onto the floor. Behind him, the lifeless body of a man that had turned. He has a big gauging wound on the side of his head, matching that of the size and shape of the sharp tip of Josh's axe. He thinks to himself "Where the heck do I even go now? I'm alone. I've got enough food to last me a couple of days at most before I have to get more." As he is walking he is looking at the surrounding, scanning all the places where the undead could be hiding. He notices a few houses that he walks past have people in but doesn't feel the need to approach. He thinks "I wonder where all the others have gone. The only place we'd discussed going was Deans house in Scotland and the Army camp in Wolverhampton. I don't even 100% know where either of them are but it's worth a go tr

The dead are among us - Chapter 12 - Out of nowhere

The sound of a gunshot has echoed around the nearby area. Josh opens his tear filled eyes and takes his finger off the trigger. He thinks to himself "It sounded like it came from down the road towards the Nisa shop." He can't see over there as the windows are covered by the the undead and some of them have smeared blood on them. A few of them have started to move from the car and meander towards the direction that the gunshot came from. Josh feels a sense of hope at the fact that it could have been someone in his family that fired the shot. He starts to search the old car for anything that he can use to escape. He pulls open the draw on the passenger side of the car. All that's there is some paper work and some old tapes. He turns and looks at the backseats. It's an almost empty car so there is not much there that he can use. Suddenly he hears a splat. He turns to see the brains of one of the undead exploded onto the front windscreen. Suddenly Another one seems to

The dead are among us - Chapter 11 - Ally of old

Dean is in shock on the floor with the undead swarming around him. He has no choice but to pick up Lewis' injured body and try to run as fast as he can for the only visible gap through the undead. This however is where the bandit is. Lewis was wearing a light grey t-shirt however it is now a bloody mess, dripping onto the floor. He looks up out of his slightly bruised and swollen eyes to see the bandit laughing and pointing a gun at him. As Dean staggers to approach him, he sees a swing of some sort of metal object and the bandit drops to the floor. In shock Dean nearly drops Lewis but manages to keep a grip onto him. He looks up to see the outline of 2 men. With the sun in his eyes aswell as the reduced vision he has, he can't quite make out who it is. One of the men says "I decided to come and help. Looks like I got here in the nick of time. Quick, Valor, Grab the man who's been shot. I'll get this guy. He seems like he's seen better days."  Dean is star

The dead are among us - Chapter 10 - Run for your life

The group have just seen a horde of the undead that are heading straight for the Cul-de-sac. Geoff shouts "Run for the alleyway. see if we can get some cars from the main road and get away." They all run down the path past the houses and are around 5 meters from the alleyway. All of a sudden 6 of the undead push over the piece of corrugated scrap blocking the entrance of the alleyway. The undead spew out into the cul-de-sac and split the group in 2. Josh, Luke, Dean and Lewis get trapped on the right hand side of the alleyway whereas Geoff, Ruth, Brad, Marlon, Aisha, Jamilia, Colton and Wendy are on the left towards the house. The undead are right behind them so means they head towards the house. "Go round the back and we'll jump over the back fence at the back of the garden." shouts Marlon. He leads the charge towards the back. They manage to get through the gate on the side of the house and lock it, however it wont hold for long with the infected from the alle

The dead are among us - Chapter 9 - Kill-de-sac

As Josh looks up at the bandit reloading the gun, he see's him dart into cover. Josh is panicked and unsure of what to do so decides to run into one of the houses. He goes into Geoffs house that has Geoff, Ruth and Brad inside. Marlon sees this aswell so tries to make a run for the front door. He hears Dean shout "MARLON, WATCH OUT!" Marlon turns and gets shot in the middle of the chest by the bandit with the gun. Luckily for him, he was wearing his bullet proof vest under his t-shirt that saves his life. The impact of the shot however does send him falling to the ground. Geoff and Brad reach out of the doorway to grab Marlon and pull him into the house.  The 4 of them lift up Marlons clothing to check for any damage but can't find any. Ruth, Brad and Geoff try to get Marlon upstairs so he'll be safe. Josh stays to keep watch over the house. Colton, Wendy, Aisha and Jamilia are all watching from the bedroom window of the house next door. Lewis and Luke are both hi

The dead are among us - Chapter 8 - Missing

The group have just found out that Kate has disappeared. They decide that they are going to split up into 3 groups. One group is going to stay back in case Kate or the bandits come back. This group consists of Brad, Colton, Wendy, Aisha and Jamilia. One group is going off in the direction of the Nisa shop, near where Colton saw a bandit run off too. This group consists of Josh, Dean and Lewis. The final group will check in the direction of the road near where the entrance was, where Kate went missing. This group is Ruth, Geoff, Luke and Marlon. Josh, Dean and Lewis decide to go down the alley as they want to have a look at the Nisa store to see if there is anything. As they go past the corrugated steel scrap that's blocking the alleyway they see Tiddles the cat, running off into one of the nearby gardens. They walk down the alley and as they turn the corner they see 1 of the undead. Dean is at the front and when it runs at him he uses his knife to stab it directly in the head. It d

The dead are among us - Chapter 7 - Gear up

A day after the Tesco run, Brad is outside on the small road in the blocked off cul-de-sac kicking a football against a small brick wall next to the alley way. Aisha comes out with Jamalia and asks if her daughter can join him. Aisha is a small woman. She, like Marlon is of Black British ethnicity. She has long black hair and is wearing blue denim jeans and a dark grey t-shirt. Her daughter Jamalia is only about 10 years old. She Has slightly more curly hair and has slightly chubby cheeks. Brad says "Sure she can play. And we'll definitely be safe as we've got Colton who is watching over the alley way. Colton has a deck chair that is raised on a small makeshift platform made from wooden pallets. He can overlook the nearest bit of the alley however is corners off for a bit where it becomes not visible. He can also see the road that it leads onto. This is the main road that has the Nisa shop that they have used a few times for supply runs.  After playing for about 10 minute,